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Lockdown 2020

I am very pleased to present The Exhibition #UNITYINISOLATION2020
45 jewellers/designers/makers/glass artists have produced a piece of jewellery inspired by the theme 
Unity in Isolation for this virtual exhibition.

The makers have only used materials and tools they have at home.

In addition to this I have asked the exhibitors to use materials they would not normally use in their practice and incorporate colour and/or texture in their piece. They have had to be inventive with their making processes as we are all in lockdown and some makers do not have access to a workshop at home.

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My Aim was to inspire people to start designing and making from home, to encourage them to stretch their comfort zone a little and to have a positive goal to work towards in this uncertain time.


You can press pause on the video to read the text if you need to


This is an Invitation to you!

Take part in myLockdown Challenge


The Theme is Unity in Isolation

Look around your home.

Are there any materials?

Do you have any materials that you can make jewellery from?

What are materials?

Metal, , wool, cotton, fabric, plastic, wood, clay, glass, pebbles,sea glass, stones, paper, cardboard, plaster, sellotape, fimo, playdoh, tins, concrete, resin.

Have a look in your recycling bin, whats in there?

tins, cardboard, egg boxes, paper, tinfoil.

Have a look in your keepsake box if you have one, whats in there?

Can jewellery be made from any material or does

it have to be made from metal and stones?

Can it be precious if it is not?

Wearable or non wearable jewellery can be made from any

material and can still be skilfully made, it can be  beautiful, 

striking, tactile, colourful, enjoyed, treasured and precious. 

Your challenge is to use any material that you can find in your home, which for some people will be easy as they may have a good stock of metals, but for others it may be a bit more challenging. I would like to encourage you to use materials that you would not normally use in your practice. but this is not obligatory.

Produce a piece of jewellery Inspired by the theme Unity In Isolation incorporate Colour and/or Texture in the piece you produce.

The end product should be photographed as you want it to be worn (you could also include a 10 second video clip if you feel the viewer would benefit from this). A brief account of your thought process- this could be in the form of a process story board or a Maximum of 60 words (this is to be put into a jpeg).

The deadline is 8th May 2020

Please post your submissions on your Instagram page. 

Tag me in @bekkie_ora and #unityinisolation2020

email me your submissions at


Please continue to support by giving feedback and reposting 

I would really like to do a physical exhibition after lockdown is over. 

If you have a gallery or nice space and would like to support  this fabulous project by donating your space for the exhibition please contact me.

A big shout out and Thank you to Nadia Paul @nadsfit for her help making these videos

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