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In the workshop work in progress.


A sneak preview of developing work and ideas.

This is my studio. 




These pebbles are fabricated in fine silver and are made up of hollow forms. The thickness of the metal serves to create a good weight to the pieces. I have used the keum boo technique to fuse 23.5 ct gold foil to the surface of the form. The fine line on the bottom piece is the only break to a smooth contour. 


I enjoy the contrast of the shiny gold on the matt surface of  silver this adds another dimension to the piece.


The pebble is intended to be held in the hand and played with to inspire creative thought, it can also serve to de-stress and relax the holder. The smoothness of the surface of the pebble enhances contemplation whereas the fine line engraved across it's surface signifies a pause in the process.  


The pebbles were inspired by many seaside walks and the scenery and objects that I collected on these walks.  


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