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Bespoke courses tailored for you

I write and teach bespoke courses for small groups and one to one tuition which I can do in person or online.

If you would like me to design a bespoke course for you in the comfort of your own home, at your own bench, online or within a workshop based in London. Please contact me. 


"I have had Bekkie as a tutor for two years now. As a person she is supportive, friendly & genuinely interested in my work. As a craftsperson Bekkie is highly experienced. Chances are there’s nothing you want to do/know that she hasn’t already tried and has a wealth of experience and opinions to contribute. If you are entering uncharted waters together she is genuinely intrigued by the experimentation process & will help you with your own research into the area. She has both challenged & supported me in equal measure and instilled confidence in me when I doubted myself. When I was determined to do a project that I didn’t fully understand how complex it was, she didn’t abandon me to go it alone nor tell me ‘I told you so’ - and I got there in the end! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a tutor & I look forward to continuing my own journey with her alongside me over the coming years."

Daniele Parker

"The bespoke jewellery design and development course devised by Bekkie gave me the tools and skills to help me understand how to develop a collection of work that applies to me as a designer. Just being able to understand some of the components of the process like soft and hard thinking, together with her encouragement throughout the course, has given me the confidence to be brave and push forward with the ideas/dreams that define who I am as a designer/maker."

Vivienne McGregor

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